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Aegon/Scottish Equitable plc

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Investment name Rating: PENS PENS DD ReReg Sector Type Unit/ share type Initial charge after discount % TER % OCF % AMC % Rebate from AMC % Yield after charges: Pricing Dealing point
Crown from 7% from 6%
Thrdndle UK Eq Inc ARC Pn 3 Y Y N ABI UK Equity Income UKP 0.00 0.69 N/A 0.69 0.00 5.79 4.80 Single 4:00PM Daily
Objective: This fund aims to achieve an above average rate of income combined with capital growth by outperforming the FTSE All-Share Index over rolling 3-year periods (after charges) by investing at least 90% of its assets in the shares of companies listed on the London Stock Exchange; predominantly UK companies. The fund typically invests in fewer than 60 companies, which may include shares of some companies not within the Index. The fund selects companies that exhibit above average income generation potential, as well as those considered to offer opportunities more by way of share price or dividend growth. These companies may be selected from any industry or economic sector, and whilst there is no restriction on size, investment tends to focus on the larger companies included in the FTSE All-Share Index. The fund may also invest in other assets such as cash and deposits and hold other funds (including funds managed by Columbia Threadneedle companies) when deemed appropriate. The Aegon fund has higher charges than the underlying Columbia Threadneedle fund and will therefore be less likely to meet this target.
Thrdndle UK Prprty ARC Pn 5 Y Y N ABI UK Direct Property UKP 0.00 0.73 N/A 0.73 0.00 5.75 4.76 Single 4:00PM Daily
Objective: This fund aims to grow the amount you invested. The underlying Fund is a Property Authorised Investment Fund (“PAIF”). The Fund will typically invest at least two-thirds of its assets, either directly or indirectly, in commercial real estate in the United Kingdom which is used for business purposes. The Fund may also invest in shares, bonds, gilts, and other funds. The Fund may invest in other assets including cash to efficiently manage the Fund.
UK Government Bond (ARC) Pn 2 Y Y N ABI UK Gilts UKP 0.00 0.21 N/A 0.21 0.00 6.30 5.30 Single 4:00PM Daily
Objective: This fund aims to perform broadly in line with the FTSE Actuaries British Government All Stocks Index, net of fees, by investing primarily in UK government bonds.
UK Index Tracker (ARC) Pn 5 Y Y N ABI UK All Companies UKP 0.00 0.07 N/A 0.07 0.00 6.45 5.45 Single 4:00PM Daily
Objective: The fund aims to achieve capital growth for investors by closely tracking the performance of the FTSE All Share Index. It does so by investing directly in companies that make up the Index and via other transferable securities giving exposure to such companies. The fund may also invest in permitted money market instruments, permitted deposits, and units in collective investment schemes.
UKGilts AllStkTkr ARC Pn 5 Y Y N ABI UK Gilts UKP 0.00 0.10 N/A 0.10 0.00 6.41 5.42 Single 4:00PM Daily
Objective: The fund aims to achieve a total return (a combination of income plus capital growth) for investors by tracking closely the performance of the FTSE Actuaries UK Gilts All Stocks Index by investing directly, or occasionally indirectly, in fixed income securities (bonds) contained in the Index.
Univ Bal Colctn ARC Pn 3 Y Y N ABI Mixed Investment 40-85% Shares UKP 0.00 0.12 N/A 0.12 0.00 6.39 5.40 Single 4:00PM Daily
Objective: This fund aims to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in an internationally diversified portfolio, largely made up of equities (shares in companies). It currently invests in a mix of different funds, from different fund managers, offering a mix of active and passive fund management, which means it doesn’t rely on the performance of one manager or management style alone. We reserve the right to add, remove and replace funds within the Universal Balanced Collection with the aim of making sure it continues to meet its aims and objectives.
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